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The Challenge

Weather unpredictability and widespread, rapid, and intensifying climate change are challenging the ways of traditional farming. As a result, farmers are experiencing huge crop losses on the one hand and diminishing income on the other.

The Solution

Advanced Adaptable Agricultural System (A3S)

A smart seed-to-sale platform that combines both product and service technologies 
Solar Powered

Co-developed by Pequrel, Stanford University, and Deshpande Foundation,  it is a service-based, smallholder-accessible growing and drying greenhouse infrastructure that can be used year-round with 50% improved affordability.


Protected Environment
Year-round usage
Consistent earnings
High-quality seedlings
Faster drying
Easy operation

Expanding Farmers' Opportunity Horizon

Leverage A3S to offer drying and nursery services without the additional capital cost

20-80% higher yield from A3S seedlings vs infield and shade-net nurseries

Nursery-as-a-Service (NaaS)

With an A3S setup, you can provide Nursery-as-a-Service (NaaS) to other smallholder farmers who can access high-quality seedlings with greater vigor and more resilience to drought conditions.

2.5 times accelerated crop drying with  15-38% higher market value

Drying-as-a-Service (DaaS)

With an A3S setup, you can provide Drying-as-a-Service (DaaS) to other smallholder farmers who can access weather-proof and efficient drying services without capital investment.

What People Say

Joining the A3S smart farming revolution
Haidarsab, Farmer, BilebalDist : Dharwad
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“I am a vegetable grower. I have a practice of sowing seedlings. Nursery seedlings have a high mortality rate and are easily attacked by pests and diseases. As a result, yield per plant is reduced, and quality suffers. I learned about Pequrel and tried their seedlings, which were of excellent quality. I bought chilies and brinjal seedlings. This gave me seven months' worth of produce, and the Pequrel team supported me in the agronomic field, which helped me earn about ₹1000/- every two days.”
Shri Manjunath M Mulimani, Farmer, MadaganooruDist : Gadag
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"I have been drying my farm's chilies in A3S for the past two years. Chili quality has increased, drying in six days, whereas traditional drying takes 20-25 days. Earlier, finding labor, a cover tarp, and other expenses were an added burden. To overcome all these problems, A3S is the best solution. I have sold an extra ₹2000/- per quintal of my farm chilies dried in A3S."
Dharmappa H Nagreddy, Farmer, AnnigeriDist : Dharwad
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"This time, I have dried my green grams in A3S. Green gram comes for the harvest in the rainy season, which makes it challenging to dry outside. This process is labor-intensive and requires good black tarps. We need to be in the drying field for 10–12 days till the grains dry completely; due to the rain, 20–30% of the crop will suffer damage. Therefore, A3S is a boon for farmers; I dried my green grams in two days at a moisture rate of 12%, which met market standards."

Awards and Recognition

RKVY-RAFTAAR – 2020 – Awardee

Techtonic Zero Food Challenge – 2022 – Winner 

Birac – BIG
Amrita Startups – 2021  

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RKVY-RAFTAAR I SAIP I Cohort - 8 I Mr. Kiran Baddi I Pequrel Technologies Pvt. Ltd. I MANAGE

Pequrel have Advanced Adaptable Agricultural System (A3S) is a service-based, smallholder-accessible growing and drying greenhouse infrastructure that can be used

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