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Accelerating innovation for farmers

Enabling robust drying and seedling growing as a service to the farmers

Setting up climate-resilient farm systems often requires a larger capital investment. This is a major barrier that keeps the small and marginal farmers from accessing opportunities that can benefit them.

Maximize farmers’ earning potential with A3S

 Go beyond the regular yield and revenue, expand services, unlock new revenue streams and make the most impact

Expand services

Expand services  With no additional capital cost, A3S owners can  offer the following services to other farmers. 
  • Nursery services to cultivate high quality made-to-order horticulture and floriculture seedlings under monitored conditions. 

  • Drying services post-harvest to accelerate drying speed, maintain produce quality and reduce the losses compared to traditional sun drying.

Unlock revenue streams

Create various income streams throughout the year in the same set-up. 

  • Grow high-quality drought-resilient seedlings, use rain-protected drying, and leverage solar-powered precision operation and monitoring for better yield and revenue.

  • Offer Drying-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Nursery-as-a-Service (NaaS) and support to other farmers and generate additional revenue throughout the year. 

Make an impact

  • Enable other small and marginal farmers to access climate-resilient farm systems that can benefit them with zero capital investment.

  • Support skilled job training for women as A3S operators or as labor support for running nursery and drying operations.

Nursery-as-a-Service (NaaS)

Using low-quality seedlings for cultivation that are more susceptible to climate risks, such as drought, results in high mortality and decreased productivity. This further prevents farmers from growing high-nutrition crops with higher value and revenue.
With our Nursery-as-a-Service (NaaS), any farmer can pre-order A3S seedlings with a mere 25% service advance to the operator. The operator with access to A3S infrastructure grows robust seedlings under monitored conditions that harden them for improved vitality. The farmer pays the remaining 75% of the service cost at seedling delivery.
Up to 80% higher yield from A3S seedlings
Local ordering
Easy payment structure
On-going support
A3S-Operator model for local connect and employment creation

What People Say

Joining the A3S smart farming revolution
Haidarsab, Farmer, BilebalDist : Dharwad
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“I am a vegetable grower. I have a practice of sowing seedlings. Nursery seedlings have a high mortality rate and are easily attacked by pests and diseases. As a result, yield per plant is reduced, and quality suffers. I learned about Pequrel and tried their seedlings, which were of excellent quality. I bought chilies and brinjal seedlings. This gave me seven months' worth of produce, and the Pequrel team supported me in the agronomic field, which helped me earn about ₹1000/- every two days.”

Drying-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Open sun-drying, considered free, requires hiring labor support and is time intensive. Additionally, the process results in crop quality and quantity losses due to pests, dirt, unexpected rains, photobleaching, and more. The farmers’ income from sales, too, becomes reduced significantly.
With our Drying-as-a-Service (DaaS), any farmer can take fresh produce to the local A3S operator. The A3S setup makes for a secure drying facility and accelerates drying speed, maintaining product quality and reducing losses compared to traditional open-sun drying. In addition, the farmer pays the entire service cost to the operator upon delivery.

2.5 times accelerated drying
Vastly improved harvest quality
Up to 38% revenue increase from quality alone
Convenient post payment structure
A3S-Operator model for local connect and employment creation

What People Say

Joining the A3S smart farming revolution
Dharmappa H Nagreddy, Farmer, AnnigeriDist : Dharwad
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"This time, I have dried my green grams in A3S. Green gram comes for the harvest in the rainy season, which makes it challenging to dry outside. This process is labor-intensive and requires good black tarps. We need to be in the drying field for 10–12 days till the grains dry completely; due to the rain, 20–30% of the crop will suffer damage. Therefore, A3S is a boon for farmers; I dried my green grams in two days at a moisture rate of 12%, which met market standards."

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